Monday, December 1, 2008

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

...someone gets trampled to death in Walmart. If it wasn't so pathetic and tragic, it might actually be somewhat humorous, had the guy not DIED. Had the morons that ran him over not continued to shop, ignoring the requests of staff to leave the store so they could assess the situation. Had they not complained that they had stood in line for two days so they weren't going to stop shopping. People, when has a bargain been more important for the respect of human life?

Somewhere in between the wrapping, the decorations, the shopping, the baking, the parties, there has just got to come a time when people remember what the season is really about. And when that point is reached, then and only then can a peace settle over us, when we realize what all this madness is really about. It's about a tiny infant being born 2000 years ago. And all the gentleness and mystique that surrounds the story of that lowly birth, my friends, has NOTHING to do with a raging, out-of-control crowd, pushing their way into Walmart, trying to secure a bargain ahead of everyone else.

It IS tragic. But if one good thing can come out of it, let it be this: live your life as if it really mattered. Stay focused on what the important things are. Think before you act. And before you go and trample someone to death, consider if whatever you're after is really worth it.


Ohighway said...

Sometimes I think our family is positively boring.... we don't go in for any of the flurry of "black Friday" and the likes. OTOH....

I heard about the trampling at the Mart of Wal. I'm speechless. Mindless, senseless, and stupid way to die. For what?? Now I know why I shop online.

Rebecca said...

And to make matters worse, an 8 month pregnant woman was involved in the melee. Which means that she was standing outside of this walmart for probably the better part of the overnight. Freezing cold temperatures, 8 months pregnant, what's wrong with THAT picture?

Some people just don't get it. If you're going to be an idiot, make sure you're the only one that's going to be affected by the lousy outcome.

I'm with you, Ohighway. Online shopping has been my salvation for two years in a row now.

Ohighway said...

You're right, they DON'T get it. I think it's a form of mindlessness.
Similar to being distracted by bright shiny objects, and remaining fixated on them. Out in the freezing cold while pregnant? Ol Peggo was probably puffing on a few smokes to pass the time while waiting.... ;~)

I digress.

I like shopping online because I seem to get the better deals there... AND... because I mostly hate going to stores and shopping.
Driving, parking and crowd hassles. Just not my thing.