Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Little Announcement

Well, we had a nice visit with the in-laws - they left yesterday afternoon, and I think our whirlwind of houseguests has settled down for a bit! Not that I mind - I love having people come to visit, but with being pregnant and all...oh, wait, didn't I blog about that yet? NO? Snort. Well, yeah, #3 is on board, so to speak.

I hesitate to call it Baby OOPS in print. After all, blogs will exist in all posterity, right? But technically, it was a little...let's just say...unplanned. After all, I'm 39 years old, and this baby is due on December 31st!! Do you actually think that if it WAS planned, we would've worked out even the POSSIBILITY of having that for a due date?

So anyhow - these things happen, and it will be fine. That's the way life works sometimes. There's a lot of uncertainty - how will Christmas be? How in the world will the boys share a room? THREE kids in private school? What about Mommy's nice job? Can we handle three?

All to be answered at a later date. For now, one day at a time. I just started the second trimester, so I have more time to anguish over everything, oh, did I say anguish? I MEANT "consider", yeah, that's it!


C.S. said...

When things have settled down a bit, let yourself be happy. More chaos, more insanity, more stress, more money. More love, more joy, more kisses and hugs, more people calling you Mommy, more people to care for you when you're old, 1 less person you have to pay for to get married ('cause let's face it, you are incapable of giving birth to a girl!) :) Congratulations to the best mom I know.

C.S. said...

BTW, all 3 in private school? Are the public schools in your area THAT bad? You are paying taxes you know, why not take advantage of them?