Monday, February 22, 2010

Back in the Blogging Game

Wow - it has been awhile. Too long. And although I really feel like I don't have time for this, I am going to make an attempt to resurrect my blog and post to it with some regularity. After all, I started this blog as a journal of sorts to remember things we've done, places we've been, cute things the kids do or say and in the absence of all that, just to record everyday occurrences. Not sure if it'll work out, but I'll never know unless I try.

I'll begin by doing the bi-annual update I started 3 years ago. For the record, I used to do a "family status" entry every six months to update milestones, what we're up to, how old the boys are and what's going on at that moment in our lives. Used to be November and April, but looks now like I'll be switching to February, and let's see.....ummm....August? Sounds about right.

So where are we? Well, let's start with Jonathan. He's two weeks or so shy of his 6th birthday. He's in kindergarten and does stuff like read on a third grade level, reads atlases, takes pictures with our digital camera, plays computer games and sometimes gets a higher score than me, and loves to mess around with Google maps and Mapquest and loves to watch Dr. G, Medical Examiner (much to our horror). Sound like a kindergartner to you? Yeah, not to me, either. On the other hand, he fights with his brother, doesn't like to share his toys and gets out of bed 16 times after we've tucked him in and before he finally falls asleep. Oh yeah, and he sleeps in on school days, and is up at the crack of dawn (or usually well before) on the weekends. NOW we're sounding more like a kindergartner! Seriously, though, he's a bright little guy who loves to hang out with us wherever we are, often getting in the middle of things that are definitely not his business (like adult conversations), but overall, is a true joy to be around, and a huge help around the house, if you can stand the non-stop commentary.

Then there's Matthew. Matthew was exactly 3 1/2 around Christmas, and is finally, finally, finally potty-trained. At first, we were pretty sure he'd graduate high school in Depends. But somehow, and fairly quickly, we went from extremely frustrated to "don't breathe, but he's sitting on the potty!" He's even dry overnight, all at once. The only thing we can't get him to do yet is wear his big boy underwear, so for now, we're letting him go commando until he decides that it is time. If there's one thing we've learned, sometimes these little guys like to do things on their own pace and without any suggestions from us. So when he chooses to give them a try, we'll be right there to help him. Matthew is a robust little guy, strong and sturdy. He loves cars and trucks and balls and animals and loves to play outside. He will be starting pre-k this fall, going to school with Jonathan. He's got a bit of a stubborn streak, but we're working on that!

And we welcome Nicholas. Full name is Nicholas Gabriel, born on December 19th. Nicholas was a bit of a surprise, not exactly planned. When we realized a third baby was on the way, and subsequently a third boy, we took a deep breath, moved Jonathan and Matthew in the same room, brought the crib up from storage and hoped for the best. And what we got was the sweetest little angel ever. Perhaps it's because we're third-time parents, or maybe because we're a bit older, and a bit more seasoned, but Nicholas is just a true joy. Yes, we're back on the diaper train, after JUST getting off, and then there's the sleepless nights, the endless interruptions of meals by WAAHHHHHHH, and the fact that our children now outnumber us, but we wouldn't trade him back in for the world. Not too much more to say about Nicholas at the moment. He smiles, he gurgles, he steals our hearts. He's starting to sleep slightly better at night. And, he just got out of the hospital after a nasty bout with RSV. But I'm sure we'll have a lot more to say about him in the months and years to come!

Mark and me? In a holding pattern for the moment. Life with a newborn is tough enough, but throw in several feet of snow...twice...along with a particularly cold winter, we're just hanging on, waiting for Spring. Of course, we realize with spring comes the extra work of lawn, gardens, pool, etc..., but at least we can open up the windows, let the sunshine in and start enjoying the great outdoors again. But until then, we'll just wait out this weather, count the days as they go by and maybe fill up some time doing blog entries!

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C.S. said...

Welcome back and congratulations. Sounds like a wonderful family and you definitely deserve that! Hugs, Shan