Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mind of a Child

With a grocery list that grew into two sheets of paper, I packed up the boys this morning and headed out. To not one, but two markets. In between, we met Daddy for lunch. Jonathan got his usual favorite - ginger ale - served, of course, in a plastic cup with straw and lid. Which, he was delighted to take with him to the second grocery store when we had finished eating. Somewhere in some aisle, he finished the soda and put the cup next to him in the cart. We checked out, and made our way out of the store. As soon as we hit the sidewalk, he grabbed the cup and started shaking it upside down, so that all the melted ice was trickling out the straw and straw hole, making the sidewalk wet, and getting all over his shoes, pants, etc.... And here's me, the ever-nagging mom: "Jonathan, knock it off, you're getting all wet". And then there's my child - "But Mommy, the birds are thirsty." I should've known. Man, I need to have more patience. Sometimes this kid is enough to make a saint drink. But if I ever once stopped to figure out what's really on his mind, I would probably learn something.

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Rick said...

How could you forget about thirsty birds mommy? The next time buy the birdies an espresso.