Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Family Dinner Night

You know you've got kids if your dinnertime conversation goes something like this:
Adult 1: So, how was your day...take your feet off the table.
Adult 2: Fine, I had to (geeky gobble-dy-gook) and talked to (so and so) about fixing the hard drive on his laptop next week and I may have to go to (some place with seventeen computers that are broken) and....
Child 1: Mommy, I don't like grilled cheese.
Adult 1: But you asked for grilled cheese. Which day are you going next week because I've got to get my schedule straight....stop feeding the dog the grilled cheese.
Child 1: EWWWW - Mommy! Matthew made a mess!
Adult 2: I'm not sure yet, but probably Monday or Tuesday, depends on the users...stop kicking me, will ya?
Adult 1: Well, Monday would probably be better....if you want a drink young man, you'd better start eating that sandwich and stop playing with those toys or I'll take them away.
Child 2: AhAhAhAh Gurrlll, belch, snort (throws cup and food to the dog)
Child 1: Mommy, Matthew's feeding the puppy!
Adult 1: Why don't you mind your own business and eat your sandwich...did you hear what I said?
Adult 2: Yes, Monday, but I can't guarantee it, pass the salad. What did you do today?
Adult 1: You have to ask?
Child 1: Mommy, I need to get up.
Adult 1: Laundry, mopped floor, read "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go" 14 times, put all the summer clothes away, grocery, you need to finish your sandwich and wait for the family to finish eating, then you can get up.
Adult 2: Did you leave me some summer shirts out? It still could be warm for a few more weeks, you know?
Child 1: Mommy, are you done eating? Can I have a drink?
Adult 2: Did you hear what Mommy said? No drink until you're done your sandwich, and No, mommy is not done eating, so you can't get up.
Adult 1: Of course I left you some short-sleeved shirts...sit DOWN!
Child 1: But MOMMY!
Adult 2: Are we done here?

Did someone say that families should eat together? Why? WHY? Guess we have to get a few more years under our belts to start truly enjoying this activity! In the meantime, Mark and I have learned to shelve our important conversations until the kiddos are fast asleep. Otherwise, we get nothing accomplished!


Anonymous said...

We actually got to the point where I feed the kids first and send them on their way - then Trav and I can sit down and enjoy eachother and our dinner. Maybe one day we'll let the kids back in to our nice, quiet dinner time. Maybe.

From Tracy - having to post anonymous because the comment sections aren't accepting my password lately...

Jennifer said...

Love the dinner story Bec!

Michelle B said...

so funny. our family dinners are very similar! You crack me up.