Friday, November 2, 2007

It's November....

...and all I can say is DOH! Man, where is time going? Sorry I haven't touched this blog in about a week - thanks for sticking around, PATIENTLY sticking around, that is! I've got pictures to post of Halloween, but have to download them first - just give me a few hours, okay?
We spent most of the week at Grandma and Poppy's house. Mark had a meeting or two in Annapolis and then had some work in the area, so we packed up and went down on Monday, just got home this afternoon. Jonathan came home with a cold...well, the sniffles anyway. Hoping that it doesn't go into a full-blown infection or ear infection --- he's not leaving the house this weekend, so we HOPE that will give him a chance to recover. Matthew came home with a lovely diaper rash. And all this is sounding like we had a miserable time at the grandparents' --- really not true at all! Just that Mommy forgot the diaper cream and Matthew had a little too much apple cider. And Jonathan, well, he hasn't been sick for ages, so I guess he was due. Just hoping now that he keeps it to himself.
So here it is, November. We're busy. Many things to do. Weather getting colder, although I can't complain about October's weather! More later, with pictures. Promise.

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