Monday, November 19, 2007

Shoes on Wires?

Okay, out and about today, we're driving around, and I noticed something I notice all over the place and just don't hanging off of power lines or telephone wires. Can someone PLEASE tell me the meaning of this? I literally have seen this all over the country - mostly in small towns, but everywhere I go, it seems! Do people go out in the middle of the night and toss shoes up there for fun? Is it a statement? A secret code? And do they stand in the middle of the road to do it? Who owns the shoes? I really, really hope someone can explain this to me someday.....I've seen if for years, now!


fishface said...

When I lived in California - shoes hanging from a wire meant that is a corner or street that you could buy drugs...or that there was a drug house or crack house there.
I have seen this in some pretty nice neighborhoods here in Tx though, so it could be that some kids are just playing around.

Jen said...

When I was growing up - all it was was kids stealing their friend shoes and throwing them up there to screw around.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

Intriguing - and I'd never heard Fishface's explanation before.

I just thought it was to indicate ``sole mates''!!!!!