Friday, November 16, 2007

Late Night Snack-Attack!

There they are - my boys, all ready for bed, but not willing to give in just least not until that bowl of popcorn is consumed. And I don't think Matthew's going to get any of it!
Mark and I love popcorn. We used to make it in the microwave, but then started reading about whatever leachates were in those packages, etc..., so we decided to buy an air popper. Then I remembered that mom and dad had one that they rarely (if ever) used, so we asked if we could "borrow" it for say....the next 20 years, and they were only too happy to get it out of their cabinets - more space for other stuff! The air popper is GREAT! Nice, low-cal treats at night - and Jonathan has fallen in love with it. He eats popcorn almost every night - and he likes us to pop him up a big bowl while he watches movies after his bath.
I highly recommend an air popper - they actually still sell these things - couldn't readily find one at Walmart last time I looked, but you can get them online at like Amazon or somewhere. What I like most is there's little or no mess to make it and it's so fast!
Beware of one hazard, the picture, the kids are in our bed. No matter how much I pick up, somehow, there are always corn kernals (popped AND unpopped) in our bed. Now where is that silly dog when you really need her?

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