Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Insanity Continues

Okay, it's about that time where I start to add up all the gifts I have bought, checking my lists, making sure I have everything and everybody. The other night, I was going over my list for Matthew and I recalled that way back in October (seems like light years ago) I bought him a set of Playskool (is that how you spell it?) trucks and hid them somewhere. And I went looking for them in my mess of a house. And I can't FIND THEM. I have looked everywhere - in the most usual spots, in unusual spots, even in spots I couldn't imagine myself hiding something in, and they're just not here! Well, they are here somewhere, but there's only so many square feet to a house, you know? WHERE ARE THEY? I think I'm going crazy! At this rate, I'm beginning to wonder if I ever brought them home from the store - you know, maybe the bag got left on the carousel....but I have a very dim recollection of seeing them HERE, but after that, my brain must've shut down because I am so clueless about this. Please, someone tell me this is normal.

And to my other son, Jonathan, I have some words for you today. If the tips of your crayons break off because you're pressing too hard, scotch tape won't repair them. You have to be more careful. Crayons break - that's life. You either toss them, or peel down the paper (the horror!) and resharpen it. I'm sorry, baby, this is life.
If your brother gets into your stuff, you MUST be more patient. You must learn to share. You must learn to be nice. You must learn the difference between playful wrestling, and knocking your little brother to the floor in order to recover a toy. One of those actions will get you a timeout, the other will get you a giggle from your brother. You decide which one you want.
And waking up in the middle of the night is fine, but once I put you back to bed, you have to stay there. Finding 16 excuses to get out of bed at 3am is not funny, and Mommy will not be happy with you. Bad dreams, having to go pee-pee, getting scared of the big, bad furnace that unfortunately sits in the basement right under your bedroom and makes loud noises....all these are good excuses to need reassurance from Mommy and Daddy at 3 am. Wanting a certain toy in the middle of the night? Wanting a story at 3 in the morning? No and no. You should know this by now.
Yeah, Monday wasn't the greatest day on record. Had to happen on a Monday, right? We're going for a MUCH happier Tuesday!

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