Thursday, December 13, 2007


Okay, so if you read my last entry, you probably know what this blob is....a lump of dough in a bowl. And two hours later in a nice warm place, I got THIS:

It raised! Thank you, little yeasties. I punched it down, gave it a few kneads, and shaped it into little balls, then put it back in that warm spot for 45 more minutes, then baked for 20 minutes and VOILA!

Hot, fluffy, really, really good rolls - and if you've ever had the Golden Corral ones, these tasted very much like them, except I didn't brush the tops with butter - I figured we'd put enough of that on as we ate them! Not that they needed it - they were good plain. And Jonathan? Let's just say he got his pound of...dough. Mark and I have discovered a new name for him. We now refer to him as the world's only "carbivore". If it weren't for various forms of dough and carbs, he'd have to be fed with an IV. So Jonathan, anytime you want Mommy to make something, you just say the word....I'll be glad to fix you whatever you want, as long as you EAT it! Here's a link to the recipe I used, it's a little time-consuming, but not if you use a mixer with a dough hook like I did. Have fun!

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