Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Little School Boy

Just before getting into the car:

Now we're in the car, ready to go:

Just before we picked him up at lunchtime - he wasn't done coloring his fish:

The final product - his first art project! Not bad for 4 years old!

And that elusive gold star for good behavior. I'm still convinced she mixed up Jonathan with some other little boy -- we'll see how it goes from here on out!

So there's the pics of the first day of school. A good experience for all of us! Let's just hope the rest of the year goes as smooth.
Today being Thursday, he didn't go, of course, but he is happily looking forward to going tomorrow. Today, though, we had to go to traffic court. Hmmmmmm....why, you ask? Well SOMEONE got a speeding ticket in July. Who? Well, it wasn't Mark, and Jonathan and Matthew don't drive yet. So who does that leave? Luckily, Mark's office is in the same building as the court, so he was able to watch the boys while I went upstairs and got probation for 6 months for going 81 in a 65. Oops, next time I won't get caught speed! They shouldn't be allowed to pull over moms in mini-vans. I wish some of these troopers would get the opportunity to drive ALONE with two children age 4 and under for 2 and a half hours. They would let mini-vans slide by the radar for the rest of their career!


C.S. said...

I'm sure the judge, as well as the state and citizens of MD are pleased to know that the judicial process has not been wasted on you! You have looked at the situation, mulled over the consequences of your actions, and come to the emotionally painful decision that you won't get mean...speed again!!!! :)
So do you have to check in with a probation officer like in the movies and if they don't like the look of you or your general demeanor, they throw you in jail???? Next time you're at a playdate or picking up Jonathan say "Sorry, can't visit today! Have to check in with my Probation Officer! See ya!" and rush off!
I kid because I love, Speed Racer!

C.S. said...

So seeing Jonathan in a school situation, I wonder if he seemed to appear older to you or if he appeared littler in the vast world of knowledge? It always struck home to me how quickly McG was growing up when I saw her in a classroom, even when she was 3 (the age she started a day care/preschool situation). Just being in a more controlled environment, the structure, etc. made her seem like a little person/student, rather than my baby, suddenly! So glad he likes it!

Rebecca said...

No, I don't have to check in with a probation officer! Just, if I get ticketed for ANOTHER moving violation within 6 months, I'm in a heap o'. If I stay "clean", I don't get the points I would've gotten on my license. So I'm being very, very careful!

Rebecca said...

Well, Jonathan is still very much my baby, but he's so wise for his age and having Matthew around makes the comparison even more sharp. So sending him to school actually felt overdue. I hate sending him out into the cold, cruel world, but I guess he'll have to start learning it someday!