Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trouble A-Brewin'

If you've ever had kids of any age, but particularly, 4 and 2 year old boys, you know that this is nothing but trouble. Jonathan is allowed to use the computer - he has his own log-in (the others are password-protected) and he knows how to get it set up. He loves to play games, to draw and paint and to see his television friends come alive on the screen. But if there's one thing Jonathan does NOT do well, it is sit down, on his bottom, on the chair. He even got a notation about it from his pre-k teacher, apparently because he fell off his chair while in the computer lab at school. So, here he is, half-on, half-off the chair, and Matthew decided to take full advantage.

The miracle here, is that for one, Jonathan even LET him climb up there in the first place. Usually, Jonathan will not tolerate the intrusion and shove him down before he can even get half a leg up. And the other miracle is that Jonathan actually tolerated it for a LOT longer than I ever thought he would. Hmmmm, could pre-k be making a difference? I removed Matthew in a pre-emptive strike - Jonathan never once complained about him. Of course, Matthew was sitting quietly and watching, not pulling Jonathan's hair for a change, and not grabbing for the mouse -- very uncharacteristic for my terrible-two!


Ohighway said...

Ahhh. Kids learning from kids. Love it.

That photo may be predictive of the future. My two oldest boys, currently 13 and 11 didn't get along for awhile. Until the computer. At that point it became more collaboration, and less conflict.

Most recently they sit at separate computers (right next to each other) and play an online game. They wander kingdoms together, trade items, etc.

I'd join them, but computer games and me just don't click.

Rebecca said...

Well, we can all dream...and wait for that day when brothers become good friends. Right now? Not in the cards!

It's probably a good thing you don't click with computer games. I've seen plenty of people waste hour upon hour and day upon day with the things. Huge time wasters! I think they're cool, but I keep myself away because then things would never get done around here.