Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Latest Dish - Shrimp w/ Cabbage

Wish I had a picture, because this one turned out really, really good! I had half a head of cabbage leftover from veggie soup last week, trying to figure out something else besides cole slaw, which, just doesn't fit in January, if you ask me. So I started thinking...what would a Thai chef do? Why did I think this? Well, remember from the holidays when Mark and I got the opportunity to visit Lemongrass? Well, since then we decided to somehow try more Thai food, and happily, we found Banana Leaf - a Thai/Asian place just a mile or two from our house....gee, why had we never seen that before? We tried carry-out for the first time just a few nights ago! Yum.

ANYWAY. Shrimp in the freezer. Thawed, peeled and sprinkled with some ginger and soy sauce. Cabbage sliced thinly, sauteed with a little oil and garlic and salt and pepper. Take out the cabbage, stir-fry the shrimp, added a little water from cooking some rice noodles, and at the last minute, threw in a heaping tablespoon of all natural chunky peanut butter just for fun.
Tossed back in the cabbage and then tossed with the noodles. Wow. So easy. So low-fat!

So NOT a crowd-pleaser...well, Mark and I loved it. The kids ate their usual....dry cereal and some sort of noodles with butter. Ho hum. Maybe one day they'll try what we eat.

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