Monday, May 12, 2008

Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken

Pretty, huh? Well, I did it myself! I just adore Greek salad. Love the feta cheese, the black olives, and just about everything else that goes into them. I don't make the dressing homemade - never tried. But the other day at the grocery store, I found a good one. It's called Farmer Boy Restaurant's House Recipe Greek Dressing. It rocks! So with the hard part squared away, I used a Lemon/Garlic rub to marinate some chicken breasts and threw them on the grill. Then I cut up lettuce, red peppers, green peppers and cucumbers. Had black olives on hand and a package of crumbled feta. And voila! Dinner was awesome that night! Couldn't resist taking a pic for the blog - you know how I love to blog about food!

In other news, Mother's Day. The weather was horrendous. We stayed in, watched movies, snacked. Matthew slept. At 8pm, Mark and I relished the quiet household as two little boys were already in bed. We cracked open a few cold beers, and I settled in for an evening of Survivor - the finale episodes. Mark refused to watch with me for too long - he has to keep his dignity! So when his beer was gone, he left - went downstairs to work on some paperwork, then found a quiet place to read. I watched it all - even the reunion show which is never really all that impressive. Not a bad day overall - Mark's mom is somewhere in Europe on vacation, and we'll be going to see my mom and dad later this week, so we just hung out and did our own thing. Which, sometimes, is just what this mamma needs!

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69roocky5 said...

Pass me that salad, PLEASE. It looks absolutely delicious!!! You are definitely not short on kitchen talent.