Thursday, May 29, 2008

Now Where Did THAT Week Go?

Ya know, I hate it when an entire week goes by and I don't get a chance to blog. And I really mean, I didn't get a CHANCE! Let's see, last Friday, my parents came up for most of the weekend - they left Sunday afternoon. The rest of the weekend we spent planting things, mowing lots of things, grilling things. Then guess what? Tuesday morning I packed up the kids and we went down to THEIR house because Poppy's birthday was Wednesday. Came back home today. Lots of stories, lots of pictures. But no time right now.

Okay, time for just ONE story. Memorial Day. Mark outside planting flowers and stuff. I head out to Lowe's and to Martin's (our local grocery). At the last minute, I decide to take the 4 year old. After all, Matthew's asleep, if I take Jonathan, Mark can get LOTS done. So into the van he tumbles. We go to Lowe's first - he wants to know what we're getting. I tell him - stakes. You know, for the garden. But why? But why? What are they for? Why? WHY? I explain all about stakes. Mark needed more - our irises have been bending over from weight and rain, the tomato and pepper plants need some support, etc... Stakes. Very important in gardening. Finally done at Lowe's. (crowded!) Onto Martin's to buy stuff for dinner - the classic Memorial Day dinner. Hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill? No way, baby, we had that Sunday night. Memorial Day calls for the real McCoy. Jonathan: "What are we buying at Martin's, Mommy?" Me: Steaks.

I'll spare you the rest of THAT conversation. Note to self: Until 4 year old has firm grasp on reality homonyms, leave him at home with his father.

More later.

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