Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh Spring, Where Are You?

I sit here blogging, it's 9:30, Tuesday night, just got home from choir practice. It's a gorgeous, clear night, and there was still a hint of twilight in the sky - amazing, since we still have a full month until the first day of summer. I was thinking what a great night it would be to sit out on our front porch - newly exposed since we had that giant tree taken down recently. I was thinking it would be so nice to sit out there, listening to the night sounds, maybe even take a magazine or book out, maybe take a cold beer. Just sit and enjoy nature, the weather, the stillness....and then I glanced at the thermometer. 46 DEGREES? Ummm....HELLO? Spring? The vernal equinox was like, 2 months ago. Where the heck are you?

To those of you who read this blog at all, you know I've been pining around for warmer weather since like, Christmas. And now that it's still NOT HERE, I'm ready to kick a wall or something. And in case you're bad at math today, 46 degrees is only 14 degrees away from freezing. C'MON!

The only thing, and I mean, the ONLY thing keeping me from bodily harm right now is the 10 day forecast. The 10 day forecast has been predicting really, really, really nice weather for this coming weekend, since, like, last weekend. It's not getting worse, and unless our meterologists are playing really cruel jokes on us trying to get us to keep all our Memorial Day plans, this will be the light at the end of this (very long, very dark, very, very wet) tunnel.

I've already planned menus for the weekend, and the majority of them involve the grill. So, altogether now, for the last time: C'MON SPRING!!!

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