Monday, March 15, 2010

Heard at the Brunch Table

Took the kids out for lunch/brunch yesterday. It was kind of a long, lazy weekend, and it was pretty rainy, and Jonathan was getting over an ear infection, so we laid low. But by lunchtime yesterday, we were ready to head out, check out the river (there was a flood warning) and grab some lunch. The place we selected had those paper placemats - the kind where local businesses can advertise. One of the ads was for a local gun shop. Jonathan noticed this one immediately. He told me that the ad shouldn't be on there. I tried to explain to him that guns aren't bad - it's the people that misuse them that are bad. Guns, I explained can be used to protect people, and so people can hunt their food, or can be collector's items. Only when guns fall into the wrong hands can they be used for bad things. Well, he said, maybe they should take these guns "up 95 and into Massachusetts, where they have tougher gun laws." I kid you not, that is what came out of the kid's mouth. I said "What?" And he replies "Yes, I heard that on the news....CNN. They have the best news." OHHHHH-Kay. Perhaps Daddy should change the channel in the mornings after he's done his coffee and before he gets Jonathan up for school! Or next Jonathan will be enlightening us on his own healthcare plan....

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