Saturday, June 2, 2007

My 3 Year Old Cutie

Okay - tell me this isn't really cute -- I skipped out for an hour or so this morning, leaving Mark with the kids. Went to Sears for a bit, and then, on my way home, called Mark and asked him if he wanted me to pick up lunch. So I stopped at Arby's drive-thru, and was home a few minutes later. Jonathan heard my van pull up, and ran to greet me at the door. I'm carrying an Arby's bag and a drink, and Jonathan says to me "Where you been, Mommy?" And I answered "Mommy went to Sears, buddy." To which he responds: "No, Mommy didn't go to Sears, Mommy went to Arby's!" Either the kid can read, or he knows every fast food logo on the road - doesn't say much about my cooking, huh? Seriously, though - he also recognizes the WalMart bags I bring home, as well as Lowe's and Martin's (our local market). He knows all this, and yet he still can't figure out how to pull up his pants by himself after going potty - hmmmmm......

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