Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Beverage Dilemma

Okay - anybody who lives near the Rockies, or at least in the western part of the mid-west - you've got to help me with this one. Do you guys EVER drink ginger ale? Do you know what it is? I swear I never encountered one can, bottle or glass of ginger ale in 4 states - Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota or Nebraska - and I'm talking vending machines, convenience stores, bars, AND restaurants. Am I crazy? And I WAS looking for it - Jonathan loves the stuff and will contentedly sip at a few ounces of it forever - and I couldn't find ANY! And then, to make matters worse, a few bartenders offered to "make" me ginger ale by mixing Sprite with a "splash of Coke". Ummmm....that's not ginger ale, not even close. So come on, what gives? Ginger ale can't be all THAT obscure, can it?

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