Monday, September 17, 2007

The Money Pit's Last Gasp (I hope)

So yesterday, after an overnight low temperature of 39 degrees, we finally gave in and decided to cover the pool for the season. Sigh. We had a lot of fun in it this year, despite our woes.
It's not hard to cover the pool - opening it is much harder, more time-consuming and very messy. By comparison, covering it is pretty simple. After lunch, I ran out and vacuumed it, started draining the water level down and swept off the deck. Started gathering up splash bombs, inner tubes and noodles to be put away until next year. Mark went to the shed to dig out the cover. And that's when the fun began. The culprit or should I say culprits? Carpenter ants. Carpenter ants had invaded our cover and chewed holes in it. Well, too late reverse the processes I already started, we opted to just throw the old cover on the pool to prevent further debris from falling in, and to go out and buy a new one today. Cost of a new cover? Who knows. At least $100. And then we'll have to re-cover tonight. Fun times. Happy Monday everybody - hope you have a great week!

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fishface said...

Oh the joy of having a pool... I am so jealous that it is that cold where you live already. We are still having 90 degree days and it is dipping down into the 70's at night. Although I like a warm climate - I would love to have cold nights.