Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Random Thoughts

Whew - it's almost mid-September and I realize I have only made two blog entries for the month. I must be busy! Although I'm not sure with what - everyday life, I suppose. So, just some random thoughts running through my head the last week or so, along with some not-so-random "happenings".....
- We finally got around to contracting out our curbside garbage pickup. I can't believe we've been hauling our own trash to the landfill for three years. We thought maybe later on we'd pay someone to haul it for us, but then we decided, wait a minute. We're dealing with dirty diapers, NOW. If there's ever a time to pay for curbside service, it's now, baby! Our service starts on Thursday. So much for our Saturday dump runs - boy I'll miss that...NOT!
- I keep trying to clean my house, or at least get started. I'm not getting very far. By the time I do the laundry, cook three meals a day and clean up, pick up toys endlessly, and keep the kitchen and bath clean, I'm done. I think I need to be more efficient, but how...HOW?
- I have a ton of stuff to sell on eBay, but hmmm, here I go again. Where's the time? It takes more than a moment to list items, and I just can't get myself into the fast lane, here. If anyone's interested in a Medela breast pump, a full roll of Mannington laminate flooring underlayment, three used Fuzzi Bunz size medium in excellent condition or a space heater, give me a shout and make me an offer. Otherwise, they're going up for auction any day now.
- I'm starting to face the reality that my children are indeed, not going to be babies forever. I don't know if this makes me sad or not. In a way, it's a glorious thought - to have them a little more self-sufficient, to not have to worry that they're eating dead bugs or sucking the paint off some Fisher-Price toy. But oh my, the thought of not having a little guy to snuggle, to rock to sleep, to inhale the heady aroma of freshly-bathed baby....makes me want to cry. Am I done having children? Is this it?
- I love Fall. I love the weather, I love the colors. I love the Fall Festivals, the pumpkin farms, Halloween. I love the fact that Fall means Thanksgiving and Christmas - my favorite time of year. Tonight, a front came through and brought that clean, cool air we haven't felt since April. After 5 straight days of heat, humidity and off and on rain and mist, it is a welcome relief. Is Fall here to stay? I hope so. Although - more work - digging out coats, jackets, sweaters....
- Which brings me to my next point. I've lived in Maryland my whole life. And for my whole life, I've had to change around my clothes twice a year. Spring means washing and putting away fleece jackets, hats, gloves, scarfs, etc... Fall means dragging all the tank tops, swimsuits, beach towels, flip flops and all other summer clothes off the shelves and into bins to make room for the stuff we just put away for summer! Is this a regional phenomenon? Does everyone have to do this? Or do most people just have a lot more closet space than I do?
- I have the best ideas for my kids for Christmas presents - am I going to tell what they are in this blog? Heck no. Have I bought anything yet? HA! Funny. I'm lucky I can get out and buy groceries before someone drops dead from starvation in this house. But at least I know what I WANT to get. Now the task is finding it and either going to get it, or finding where I can get it with free or cheap shipping.
- Is anyone but me completely bummed by the rising cost of shipping in this country? I mean, I know gas prices are rising and will probably never go back down, and I know that's a big part of it, but c'mon. I find myself hesitating to buy anything online unless I can somehow get free shipping, just because I think it's ridiculous. Darn post office - they complain so mightily that email has hurt their business, but look what ebay and clicks-and-mortar companies and heck - all online purchasing has done for them. They're booming! And yet, they STILL raise prices, even for a little stamp. Heinous.
Well, it sounds as if Mark has finished giving Jonathan his bath, so it's almost time for teeth-brushing, potty and night-nights. Mommy MUST be available for kisses and "yullabies", so I better sign off for the night.

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Michelle B said...

You crack me up! I am glad I am not the only one with such random thoughts! And I can relate to too much of what you are saying on every point you make! did you borrow my brain to write this blog post? And yes I in Iowa have to drag in and out all the fall/winter clothes now. The weather just changed on us this week! But living in Iowa you do take a risk of packing everything up too soon. We might have a 50 degree day followed by an 80 degree day. And by October 31 it will have snowed at least once. Love the blog - keep those random thoughts coming. they are highly entertaining!