Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Trip to DelGrosso Park

Well, the holiday weekend started off with a "bang" - with a trip to Del Grosso Park - a local amusement park just over an hour away from us. Great fun, and cheap! And to make it extra-special - as soon as we got there, we had to take Matthew to the emergency services building, because apparently he had rubbed sunscreen into his eye....and it turned purple and puffy and looked awful! (The EMS guy bathed his eye and gave him cookies - he was all better about 45 minutes later). What a gorgeous day, though - perfect weather - mid 70's, sunny. Kids had a great time - and so did Mark and I! Oh, and by the way -- Jonathan would not leave the shooting gallery until he had tried it out. The gun was too heavy, the noises were loud, but at least he got to TRY.
The rest of the weekend was just as nice - Sunday we did chores - got some stuff done around the house - little things - like gluing a piece of wallpaper in the bathroom that's been bugging me for a month, and putting away "stuff" that's been lying around since July.
Then yesterday being the holiday, we started the day by taking a long walk on the Allegany Trail in the morning, then came home for lunch and spent the rest of the day cutting grass (Mark) and swimming (me and Jonathan) and napping (Matthew). Gotta love those 3 day weekends! Today we're headed out to Grandma and Poppy's house after lunch to stay for a few days....Mark's got a meeting in Annapolis tomorrow so we're going for a short visit. Hope to be home Thursday or Friday. We left the pool open so hopefully we can get one last weekend out of it next weekend - despite all our troubles with it earlier this summer, it turned out to be our best pool season yet! (Of course, it couldn't get much worse than previous summers!) Off to pack, and then off to the mall to get Jonathan's hair cut before we hit the road.

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