Sunday, September 9, 2007

Matthew's Curls Go Bye-Bye!

Remember this hair? Long and curly?
Well, it's gone!

Yes, we finally broke down and took Matthew for his first haircut. We loved the curls, but it was getting to be too much - and the final straw was the syrup that (somehow) got into his hair on Friday (I have a feeling Jonathan knows EXACTLY how it got there). A sticky mess that perpetuated itself because it was everywhere, and I couldn't get it out short of giving him a bath. Well, I wasn't about to give him two baths in one day, so he had to wait for his usual evening bath. The next day found us at the hairdressers.
Was he good? No. He hated every second of it. Are we sad? Yes. The curls were just too cute! Do we regret it? Heck, no. He now looks a little older, definitely more like a little boy, and his new shorter hair is still very curly. The curls will be back in time - we just won't let them get as long this time. So, now, everyone, you can see for yourselves that we actually have two sons, not a son and a daughter!
In other news, it's hot again, making us extra-happy that we didn't cover our pool last weekend. Yesterday we spent over 2 hours out there and had a great time. Today is very humid but not sunny, so we'll have to see if it's a pool day or not. Right now we're looking to cover it up next weekend - there still may be some hot days this coming week. Going all the way to mid-September in Allegany County with an unheated pool is pretty good - ordinarily Labor Day is the defining end. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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