Friday, March 28, 2008

I Just Have To Do It

I just can't help myself. I have to blog about Fuzzi-Bunz. Now some people might think - oh no - it's a slow-blog day, but seriously, these things just kick, well, you know. Baby butt. Aren't they cute?

When Jonathan was born, well, actually BEFORE Jonathan was born, I had this great idea that I was going to use cloth diapers. So I did all the research, and landed somewhere between cheap and not-so-easy to use. I bought a load, had them all washed and ready to go and when Jonathan finally came home, I hated them. Too hard to use. Awful. Too bulky. Leaked. Sigh.

I abandoned my crusade for the environment and was forever grateful to Pampers. Then Matthew was born. I quit work and looked for easy ways to cut expenses. I did more research. This time, I landed somewhere between pretty expensive and not only very easy to use, but very effective, attractive and easy to care for. And that, friends, is exactly where I found Fuzzi Bunz. They're cloth, yes. They're called All-In-Ones, or AIO's for those who know the lingo. They're pocket diapers, so you slip the rectangle of fabric (sometimes called a soaker) down into a pocket. For overnights, you can use two or three.

Now cloth diapers aren't for everyone, and on somedays, they're not even for me - okay, well, Matthew. I use them mostly while we're at home, although I have been known to make quick trips to the post office or grocery store while he's wearing one. On some days, I'll still just reach for the disposables because I don't feel like dealing. And for overnight, we always use a disposable. That's because Matthew sleeps for 12 solid hours and I really like him to be as dry as possible in the morning, and there's something about those wicking layers in disposables that really draw the wetness down into that gel stuff. But I digress...

ANYWAY, I highly recommend these things. Every time I put one on him, I feel like I'm not only helping the environment in a big way, but I also admit I feel happy that I'm probably saving myself somewhere between 30 and 75 cents, depending on what disposable he's into that day. And I do have a picture laying around of him wearing one -

There he is - remember this picture of the killer-attack zucchini from last summer? He's actually wearing a Fuzzi-Bunz - one of the brighter colors I have. Did I mention they come in like 26 colors, and even some prints and patterns? I'm going to take another picture of him this weekend, running around in one - this picture just doesn't do it justice. If anyone wants to know more, please ask - I can't say enough good things about these diapers!

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