Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jonathan's 4!

All these pics were taken last night at Jonathan's 4th birthday party. Of course we had Lightning McQueen and Mater joining us! And among all the other birthday presents, the big boy bike was a big hit! He loves it, and wants to get out on the trail as soon as possible - we can't convince him that 30 degrees is NOT the desired temperature to go biking on the trail! He keeps saying "Maybe I can put my jacket on...." Nice thought, kid, but we don't want you sick for Easter!
All in all, it was a great day - it's hard to believe my baby is 4. Everyday I see little signs of him getting so big so fast. Yesterday I was a little run down in the morning - I have a cold and I woke up with a headache and just wasn't sure how I was going to face the day with all I had to do and having my in-laws coming for dinner. Matthew was still asleep and Jonathan was watching TV, so I took a few minutes and laid down on the bed before getting dressed. Next thing I know, here comes Jonathan in my room with a cup of water from the bathroom. He says to me "Here Mommy, drink some water, it will make you feel better." Wow. Growing up fast. What a sweetie.
For his sake, and because it was his birthday, I pulled it together - pretended that cup of water was the magic elixir that I needed....and went about my day. Happy Birthday, little guy!

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fishface said...

Good taste on the bike! We got Joey the same one when he turned 4. Now Jenna rides it. Thanks for hanging in with me on my blog...it has been so hard to post lately. Not so much because of "time" but because with everything going on lately I am just brain dead! It was nice to see I had a comment - i'm glad it posted because I was actually editing my post for all the typo's! Again - braindead lately... I have been keeping up with your blog too. It was nice to see that you had a great trip to the Grandparents. I bet Jonathan liked having multiple birthday parties and presents. It generally works that way for my kids too. Have a great weekend!!