Sunday, March 9, 2008

Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Well, let's see. Despite the picture above, Jonathan is not QUITE 4 yet - that'll happen tomorrow. So why is he in front of a train that looks like it could be cake with candles in it? That's because we stayed down at Grandma and Poppy's for a week, and it was so close to his birthday, we decided to celebrate a little early so they wouldn't have to make the trip to LaVale this weekend. And so a train cake was born - me and my sis worked on it and it turned out well! The log car is actually pretzel rods, and the other decorations are mostly candy.
Tomorrow, his actual birthday, will be more cake and more celebrations because Jonathan's Grammy and Grandpa are coming up for dinner and a little party, AND he'll be getting his presents from me and Mark. Since when do birthdays last for 5 days and since when do you get three rounds of presents? Oh well - to be little again!
So that's where I've been - down at my parent's house. We visited some relatives and went out to lunches and dinners, went shopping and even went for little walks in the warming air. It was nice - my sister was on vacation from work so it was nice that she could spend some time with the nephews!
Now we're back - back into the routines. Gearing up for Easter and very, very much looking forward to warmer weather - have I said that before? Last night was about 22 degrees with about 30 mph winds. Not fun. Did I mention the blowing snow? C'MON SPRING for the 90 millionth time!

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