Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let Sleeping Babies....

Yes, I know the old adage - the one about DOGS. But I guess it applies to little ones, too. And believe me, I would never have risked taking these pictures had I not been actually trying to wake up Matthew. No, I know better than that! But these pics were taken on Friday, just before Mark was due home because we were headed out to dinner and he was going to have to get up anyway. So I opened the door to his room, saw him lying there, and couldn't resist capturing the moment.
We had a busy weekend! Friday evening was dinner at El Canelo - our favorite Mexican place in Frostburg, MD. Mmmmmmm...fajitas. Then on Saturday, we packed up the car and took off for Uniontown, PA, where we did a little shopping and a little eating and not much else. Got some new shoes for Matthew and that's about it! Not exactly a wasted day - it was too cold to do anything outside, and the drive is really pretty and we just needed to get out of the house as a family - we've been so sick this winter we haven't been able to do much together.
Today we made it to church without mishap and went out to breakfast afterward - seems like we spent the whole weekend eating out! That's okay, one (or three!) less meals I have to cook, but don't tell Mark I said that!!!

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