Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Mom's Life

This is my oven door. This is my oven door after being in the presence of a 4 year old and a one year old. I'm not sure who was responsible for this - I guess if I took some hand measurements, it would more closely match Jonathan (the 4 year old). But they're both perfectly capable of this kind of mess. And many, many others.

See, this is the life us moms lead. You take your time picking out great stuff for your home. You measure, you imagine, you dream. You install, you paint, you measure, you fit, you hang, you measure again, you hang (then, if you live in my house, you measure AGAIN...but I digress...). My whole point is - no matter what you do to get nice stuff and keep it nice, something like, well, a 4 year old and a 1 year old intervene, and all the sudden, your nice stuff isn't so nice anymore.

Last weekend we got so much done. I think I already bored....I mean, BLOGGED about it last week! Well, Jonathan was in and out, helping and not helping, and at one point, he sort of wandered away from us. Wasn't gone for long, and our house isn't right on the road, so after a few minutes, I went looking for him. On the way around to the driveway, I strolled through the patio, and noticed my grill brush was missing. My grill brush - you know, the one that has the really coarse STEEL bristles for cleaning the grill grate before using it every time? I'm thinking...Jonathan/grill brush - deadly combination. So I yell..."JONATHAN? Where's my grill brush?" Small (really cute) voice answers, from the driveway: "I'm using it to clean your car, Mommy!"

DOH! Thank goodness he doesn't have a whole lot of upper body strength! The hood took a few scratches, but my mini-van's silver to begin with, so they're not really noticeable, and not very deep. He was so proud of himself...I couldn't yell at him. Just one more thing going to rack and ruin around here!

Jonathan's under the weather this weekend - a nice chesty cough and fever for a few days. Hopefully it'll blow over in the next couple of days - I hate it when they're sick!

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