Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mother Nature's April Fool

So yeah, the weather's been pretty crappy lately. Colder than usual. Rainy. Still getting down to almost freezing every night, and over the past weekend, it was below freezing overnight. But today, oh my, today. Today was WARM. It was a bit cloudy in the morning with some sprinkles here and there, but it got to just over 70 degrees, and when the sun came out, boy did that feel good. I threw some steaks on the grill, we took a quick walk around the neighborhood after dinner, and when I took the kids out today, I didn't need to struggle with coats and hats and gloves....yuck. So I'm thinking, WOW - Spring is HERE! Finally! Until I checked the 10 day forecast. Nope. Try again. Back down in the low 50's tomorrow, and clear on into next week, the only time it's supposed to get above 60 are when it rains! What's with that? So I got irritated at good old Mother Nature and had a word or two grumbled in her direction. And you know what? A few minutes later after a quick, passing shower, she gave me this:

So there's hope. I can't tell you how much my little boys loved their walk tonight and Jonathan was saying "we can walk every night!" Well, Jonathan, take it up with old Mom Nature. We'll be waiting.

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