Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Play Date

This is a rare moment of sanity, captured on film....three boys all playing with the same toy all at once, and SMILING. Doesn't happen often, trust me.
Let me introduce you to Micah. He's the cute little guy in the middle. He's the 4th of 5 boys (so far!) that belong to our good friends Jeff and Judi. Also present at this particular date was Boy #5, Nathan, who is only 9 months and is still too little to be crawling around with these three. Needless to say, Judi likes a break now and then, so at least once a month, we try to get the little ones together for play dates. What, you don't believe me? Okay, I admit it. They're not play dates at all really. They're excuses for the MOMMIES to get together and have rockin' food and great desserts!
Seriously, we do try to have lunch as often as we can, and as often as our little ones allow us. At this last lunch, us moms shared a Rustic Veggie Tart and Chicken Soup with Wild Rice, while the kids had homemade cheese pizza. Then for dessert we had blondies. The time before that, we had Turkey Panini, made with roasted turkey, spinach, roasted red peppers, cheese and pesto. We also had gourmet potato chips and for dessert, chocolate mint brownies.
So you can see, we may call it a play date, but it's really a great chance for us moms to chat, to share recipes, to make some great stuff and to let our kids burn off some energy that's usually directed in our direction!
Anyway, we're looking forward to when it gets warm and stays warm - we're going to hit the trail in the morning, then go for lunch...get a little exercise in while we're at it. Yet another reason for SUMMER to HURRY UP!

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C.S. said...

That is such a beautiful smile! I love candid shots!