Friday, April 4, 2008

The Newest Additions

Welcome to our home, Chick Hicks and Young Mater. We hope you enjoy your stay and don't get lost behind the couch.
These are two of the three latest additions to the household - joining the already TOO many Cars characters and Cars-related stuff already in the house. The third? Leak Less. That one belongs to Matthew:

It's a little dark, but you can see that Leak Less and RPM 54 are having breakfast with Matthew. My children are obsessed with these things. They appear on Christmas morning, for birthdays, in Easter baskets. And yesterday? Just a trip to Walmart. Usually, I don't go in the toy section because they want everything and I hate to say no all the time, so why tempt them? But the other night, Jonathan fell on the driveway and really did a number on his head - blood everywhere, huge bruise...ugh. Poor little guy. He was so very brave. That night, after I'd given him a bath and washed all the dried crusty blood out of his hair, he was playing with his Cars, and he asked me if we could go see if Walmart had Chick Hicks, how could I say no? So he got some new ones....just because.
This brings the grand total of Cars in our household to...heaven only knows. I know we have at least 7 Lightning McQueens with different paint jobs and different personas. Two Sallys. All the hot rods except for DJ. Most of the Radiator Springs folks. Most of the Piston Cup racers. Even the blimp and the Dinoco Helicopter.
It's taken over the house! We have Cars sheets, Cars lunchboxes, Cars clothing. Cars drinking cups and blankets, Cars pillows. Books about Cars, puzzles with Lightning and Mater. The actual movie. What's next? Oh well, it keeps them happy. And by some magical reasoning, BOTH the kids are really into it, and are very slowly learning to share a bit, even though whenever some new ones come on the scene, they have to re-learn about sharing!

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