Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can You Really Fall Off the Face of the Earth?

Boy my blog suffers when I get busy. I hate that. I hate not having time to open up blogger and furiously type whatever comes to mind that day, or share some pics with friends and relatives, or relive a funny or happy moment. But life took a turn for the busy lately, and my blog took the brunt of it.

So rather than bore you all with endless details, I'll fill you in briefly, and try to get back on track soon.

First of all, despite my recent post where my "blog-sense" fell under some scrutiny, I am still perfectly comfortable divulging details of my personal life - just maybe I'll be a bit more careful in the future.

A day or two after my last blog entry, my great hubbie took a day off work so we could take the boys to Idlewild Park - sort of a kick-off to Matthew's birthday weekend. After frolicking in the park for a few hours, we left when a thunderstorm came up, and drove out to the nearby Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville, PA. Despite ANOTHER thunderstorm, we were able to hang out there for a few minutes - a very powerful place. The kids didn't get it, of course, but maybe in the years to come, we'll take them back. We had no idea it was only about an hour from our house.

The next day, my parents and sister were coming to spend the night and celebrate Matthew's birthday. Which meant that after a long day at the park and the memorial, I had to go home and start cooking and cleaning. Amazingly, it all got done and they arrived the next day after lunch. From then on, things were a blur. Except for the fact that Matthew's birthday cake turned everyone's teeth and tongue black. More on that....later.

My family left on Sunday afternoon, and I had two days to pack up because we were then headed to my mom's for a solid week. Oy. It's tough to leave in the summer - the pool needs almost daily attention, the plants need to be watered, the grass grows like the weeds that are mixed in.....but luckily my wonderful friends volunteered to do all this dirty work for us while we were gone, so we COULD leave with no worries.

Why'd we go? Meetings. Classes. Celebrating Matthew's birthday with his other grandparents. You know, life. Mark had a two-day class and some meetings at his HQ office in Annapolis. And I, yes, previously little, old SAHM me, am now a working woman. I signed my contract with my new employer on Monday and am now earning wages to contribute to our household funds, which, admittedly, have suffered a bit since I went on my 2 year hiatus after having Matthew.

I have it good - I have a great job that pays well, and I get to work at home, set my own hours, and my HQ is about 120 miles away - so at 58.5 cents a mile, even a meeting there every once in awhile can be profitable.

In this day and age, I got lucky. An old colleague I worked with about 10 years ago remembered me and contacted me last Fall. It's taken this long to get work, get a contract and get started, but in this case, patience paid off. Thanks "old-colleague", I am forever in your debt.

Anyway, we came back home last night, and right as I type, hubbie is on his way home for the long holiday weekend. Don't blame me if I don't blog all weekend....I'll try, but I make no promises! Happy 4th, Americans!

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