Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Say Hello to My Political Ignorance

I was reading an Associated Press article online this morning, and ran across Obama's campaign schedule and noted he was in....Israel? And headed to the Palestinian region today. That was enough to give me pause. Gee, how many voters live there? Okay, like I said, I'm not that politically savvy - maybe it's a brilliant move, who knows. But then I read more. And I read how the Palestinian leader would like for Obama to get one thing out of their meeting which I believe is today. He would like Obama to "focus immediately on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if elected, or any gains made in peace talks could vanish." That's a direct quote. Um. Excuse me? So let's see, Obama gets elected, gets sworn into office in January, gives a speech, retreats immediately to the Oval Office and.....starts to proctor peace in that region? Hello? Could someone please tell me why this should be the top priority of whatever newly elected leader we'll have come January?

I understand that foreign policy, particularly Mid-East foreign policy does have some bearing on how folks over here will cast their vote, but c'mon! And actually, despite what I said above, I can see how Obama's reception in those regions of the world perhaps could influence our voters and how they feel about how he will handle those issues. But wow. For other world leaders to request and perhaps even expect that the US President be firmly entrenched in and give priority to a battle that has raged for centuries kind of makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up, know what I mean?

We would like our new President, whoever he may be, to place priority on some issues closer to home, thank you very much. And right now, we're in no direct conflict with Israel, quite the contrary, although I could never figure out why the US is so enamored with Israel, could someone explain that too, please? But back to those home issues - yes. We have issues. There's like, the energy crisis for one. I would've said "gas" crisis, but my husband corrected me this morning on that, so now it's "energy" crisis. Then there's like, oh, I don't know unemployment, drugs, national security, education, you know, those little things.

So, Obama, here's the deal. I haven't made up my mind yet. I'm watching you closely. I'm not sure what to make of your little trip this week, paid for with campaign funding, no less. And no, I'm not politically-inclined. At all. And I don't understand all the issues, all the time. And frankly, I don't have time to follow it all. Which makes me, let's see, very, very average. But I'm an American. And I vote. So you'd better start impressing me. I'm a Republican, so you MUST impress me.


69roocky5 said...

It is ALL a big horse and pony show to look presidential. You would think we didn't have enough issues here when the average American family is struglling to make ends meet. Well said Rebecca. I've got to have my husband read this entry. He will certainly enjoy it! Leticia

Ohighway said...

Heh.....Obama.... Man don't get me started....

I'm not a republican, I'm not a democrat. I'm basically a simple guy who would like to see someone who sincerely has the good of our country
(i.e. no empty slogans or promises) as his top priority. Period.

There's something seriously amiss about the whole Obama thing. One item that frosts my cake is the absolute fascination/reverence of the media when dealing with him. It's as if he can do no wrong. He pull out the race card, no less than twice, and the media, and much of the public still loves him.

He goes overseas and the media goes crazy with coverage. Of course when McCain was quietly and professionally doing this thing awhile back ( when Obama and Hillary were in their hissy-pissy fight) guess what got the coverage?
Obama and Hillary of course.

I'm not saying that McCain is the greatest, but he's a HELL of a lot better than this clown Obama.

So if I vote, that's what side I'm going on.

Obama has nothing but pretty words to offer, no real plan, and on top of that he's a racist. I say NO THANKS.

Rebecca said...

The media is always slanted liberal. Disgusting but true.

I'm feeling another blog entry coming on...How America Votes....but if any national security agencies monitor blogs I may wind up in some sub-basement under Washington D.C. for the next 50 years....maybe I should go back to blogging about what I made for dinner last night!

Ohighway said...

I was watching the Leno show one night, and he had Jesse Ventura as a guest. When he queried Ventura as to how he would vote, his response went something like this
" I think they should have another choice on the ballot, NONE OF THE ABOVE. The audience chuckled, but then he assured them he was serious
" think about it, it shows that I'm here, I am trying to participate, but that I have zero confidence in Democrat / Republican choices" He said it's both democrats and republicans that have allowed this nation to get into such deep national debt.

Interesting thoughts. I believe the whole 2 party system and the way it operates has gotten so corrupt that it would be a miracle to get anything approaching a good leader out of either one.

Maybe it's time for a BIG change in this country ?

Rebecca said...

I don't know. After reading that John Grisham book and now delving a little into the presidential race, I'm beginning to think SOMETHING needs to change in this country. Or maybe I just need to move somewhere else!