Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flowers and Vegetables

Well, we've been pretty busy. First of all, me and the boys had a stomach thing all weekend - I'm not sure we all had the SAME thing, but luckily, we're all better now. Set us back a few days on the gardening, but a few nights hard work, and we're back on schedule!

Mark and I have discovered the joys of gardening while the kids are asleep. Since we're getting more daylight in the evenings now, we work in the gardens until dark, and then we turn on the floodlights and continue. Most nights the last few weeks, we've been working until 10pm, trying to get this place looking a little presentable.

Last night we put in our vegetables - we have a terraced vegetable garden right next to the house, outside the kitchen. Great location for a veggie garden - and we love to eat what we grow. This year we kept it manageable - zucchini, tomatoes and a few varieties of peppers. And herbs! We have rosemary, sage, chives, dill, lavender, oregano and lemon thyme.

And a few nights ago, we finished up in our flower garden, which we're turning into a bird and butterfly paradise! We want to throw some terraces into that garden maybe as early as this fall, so we didn't overdo it with new plantings this season. But we have tulips, irises, columbine, dahlia, peony, celosia and dianthus thus far. The perennials and the bulbs are in the permanent part of the garden, and the annuals are in the sections that are going to get ripped when the growing season is over.

We never knew how relaxing it could be to garden after the kids are asleep. Why we never considered it as an option before is a mystery to us, but now we find ourselves looking forward to it - a chance for us to connect as adults, break down the day, enjoy some cold beers, and share our thoughts - whatever they may be - without any interruptions (well, except for the occasional break to go hunt for the dog who takes off after wildlife when our heads are turned.)

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