Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So Big and Other Stuff

Oops - missed a few days of blogging - but we (the boys and me) were down at my parents house for about 10 days for a visit.
Here's some pics - the first is when they were all playing on the front lawn at my parent's house. The other one is Matthew, who is now
just over 11 months old, and seems to have gotten the hang of "SoBig!" Anyway, we did some fun stuff while we were there - went to the Baltimore Zoo, had a picnic, fed some geese at Liberty Reservoir, hiked to a "waterfall" (actually, the base of Liberty Reservoir with the overflow spilling over), and celebrated Poppy's birthday. We got home a little worn out, but thanks to the Memorial Day holiday, I had an extra day to get unpacked and get everyone caught up on sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Rebecca -
I just responded to Bonnie's email and said "what's new with you guys" and then it dawned on me to view your blog! What a great way to keep in touch with everyone! Love these pics. A full grown Bella looks like a small Zoe!