Friday, July 27, 2007

I Can't Believe I'm Blogging About Going to the Dump

Ahhhh, the weekend is here....Mark actually made it home a little earlier tonight, and both kids are already in bed...whoooohoooo! (Although I suspect one might not yet be asleep and may make an appearance in the hallway shortly....).
So what're our plans for the weekend? Wish I could blog something spectacular, but alas, the only things we have planned are errands: a trip to the dump (ummm, where we live, trash pick-up isn't government funded, you have to individually contract it out, so, like most other able-bodied citizens of our county, we tote our own garbage out to the landfill about once a month -- good times!), a trip to Lowes to return a lot of plumbing stuff we didn't use for the pool, a trip to the watch repair guy to fix my watch (again!), and maybe even a trip to the grocery store. Like I said.....not much to blog about!
Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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fishface said...

In all honesty...for me there is nothing more "cleansing" than hauling off a bunch of stuff to the dump. I LOVE getting rid of crap taking up too much room at the house. However, if I had to do it every month just to get rid of our everyday trash...not much fun. I can see your point.
Hope you had a good weekend!