Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daddy and the Boys

Just a few pics of Mark and the kids - they were actually taken in Philadelphia this past weekend, but you wouldn't know it! We didn't go to any landmarks, so you'll just have to trust me!
The bottom pic was taken in our hotel room. I couldn't resist the shot - it was so cute. Jonathan LOVES to read. He brings us books all the time and asks for stories, and he particularly loves to look at picture books and point out the pictures and then try to spell them. I only wish I had more time for I am a SAHM, and so many times when he approaches me I'm either stirring a pot or changing a diaper or the like. It's sad - I wish I could just sit down with him, guilt-free, and just not look around me and see dust balls rolling around and the kitchen sink piled with dishes or the baby eating the dog's food. I keep telling him, Mommy will read with you later, and then I never get around to later. Sigh. I'll try harder tomorrow, Jonathan, I promise.

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