Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Money Pit Pays Off!

Ahhhh - Finally. FINALLY are we reaping the benefits of all our pool woes. Today, Jonathan and I hit the pool during Matthew's nap. The weather was perfect, hot, dry and 90, so out we went. He had a blast! Learning to swim already! I was a little apprehensive, thinking he would be afraid (this is the kid, after all, who FELL IN the slime water fully clothed before we got our filter working) but he wasn't afraid at all. I wasn't going to push it - I figured I'd let him set his own pace, and he was full-speed ahead from the getgo. I'm really proud of him, and we're both already looking forward to tomorrow!

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fishface said...

I feel your pain with the pool situation. Our last two homes had pools and with each one we were constantly replacing pumps, cleaning equip (polaris), hundrends and hundreds of $'s in chemicals to get the water blue again, filling cracks, etc... Now that we don't have a pool in the backyard, I miss it!!!! I want a pool again...."heavy sigh"