Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Our Weekend Getaway

Well, we're back home from a long weekend away....we left last Thursday, spent the night with my mom and dad, and then took the boys and headed to Philadelphia for the weekend. Why, you ask? My best college friend professed final vows to enter religious life, and we went up to be there for her. We came back to my parents on Sunday, then spent another day there while Mark finished up some work in Annapolis, and just got home this afternoon.
Philly was nice - I hadn't been there in ages. We took in the Italian Market on Saturday morning, then headed to Valley Forge in the afternoon. Weather was beautiful, we had a great hotel, and the kids were awesome - they're such great little travelers!
I got a few pics, but haven't downloaded yet. I'm exhausted - and have to go help Mark get Jonathan in bed - it's not going to be easy tonight!

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