Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blog? What Blog?

OH! THAT blog. Yeah. Ahem. Sorry about that. And Happy New Year!

A few pics of Christmas Morning....

Matthew got tons of cars - and Take-Along Thomas...

And Jonathan got some more trains with a coal loader, and the Plan Toys garage, peeking out from behind the tree....I think our house could now qualify as an official Thomas Tank supply warehouse. But anyway.

A bit busy? You could say that. For once, we were all healthy for Christmas. For once, everyone was off work. And the weather wasn't frightful. Makes for a very nice Christmas, a very nice visit to Grandma and Poppy's house, and a nice relaxing holiday. Hard to believe after all the planning and preparation, cooking, baking, wrapping, practicing music, etc..., it's all over and the world grinds back to movement tomorrow. It makes me sad - I hate to see the holidays come to an end. But we must now hunker down and face winter - those long, cold, dark days that lay between us and Spring.

New Year's Resolutions? Well, nothing really serious or specific. Just an idea I've been kicking around for a month or two. Better efficiency. More attention to the kids. More specific attention, not only to their basic needs, but to their wants as well. Less TV. Less worrying that the house is going to collapse into a heap of squalor if I don't wash that last dish or dust every week. And at least one night a week, Mark and I shut off the television, and do a project, whether it be working on something in the house that needs to be done, planning our next vacation, or just plain old, hanging out with each other with no distractions. Not sure how this will work out - after all, things do get busy. But we'll try.

One of my Christmas presents? A cappuccino maker! Which works great - but I can't FROTH very well! People say it takes a lot of practice - well, I'm working on it. If anyone has any hints, let me know. At least today, I got some reasonable foam. If I keep improving, I'll have a decent cup of cappuccino sometime in late February....just kidding. Sort of.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all - may 2008 be all you want it to be!

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