Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting to Know You....

Jonathan, Jonathan, my firstborn, our crazy little guy who came into our lives almost 4 years ago and turned our world upside-down. I'll guess, because I'm not sure, but I'm thinking that as your kids grow out of their toddler years and into pre-school and up, life just takes on a whole new meaning. I mean, this is no longer a little crying blob that needs to be fed, needs to be changed, needs to be picked, this is a human being, with thoughts, feelings, sensitivities, and opinions, by golly, opinions. In one way, it's delightful. This little tiny kid you're raising is growing up, seeing the world through his own eyes. I compare him to his little brother who just barges around with toys in his hands, stopping to inspect something else, smiling at Mommy and Daddy just because we happen to enter his line of vision. Gone are those days with Jonathan. He THINKS! But in other ways, it's staggeringly frustrating. Like the other day, I drove home from our extended visit to Grandma and Poppy's house. Me, the dog, both boys for 2 hours. Jonathan commenting the entire way - telling me to stop at red lights, go at green lights, stop for drinks, stop for potty, look at the dump truck, count the school busses, where's a police car, what road name is that, is that a fire engine, when are we going to get home and see Daddy, and the ubiquitous "are we almost there?" This kid is 3. Okay, almost 4. But I thought I had a few more years before all this started! And the crowning glory - I approached an intersection, the light turned yellow, and I sped up to get through. A little voice from the backseat: "Mommy, most cars slow down at yellow lights." Ahem.....well, kiddo, Mommy is NOT most cars. Not when I'm driving alone with you guys!
I guess in a way, it's a little strange because here it is - your little kid - one you've made and raised and fed and dressed and basically haven't left for more than a few hours with anyone but family members, and all the sudden, this kid has a different opinion than me! Ummm - how did that happen?
To leave with a funny story - talk about a different opinion -- he's been running a fever for a few days, and we just finished up one antibiotic, so off to the doctor we're going this afternoon. But I've been going through every thermometer in the house trying to find one that will give me an accurate reading, and last night, out of desperation, I took his temperature rectally. I thought he'd have a fit, but he was good and all was okay. This morning, though, his fever was raging again, and I told him that I needed to take his temperature under his tongue. He says to me "No Mommy, I don't like it in my mouth!" So I tell him that if I can't take it in his mouth, I'll have to put the thermometer in his backside again. And he says "OK - I don't want the one that goes in my mouth, you can put the one in my heiney". I kid you not. This kid is nuts. But we love him to death! Hope you feel better soon, buddy.

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