Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blue Matthew

For a Friday, it was kind of a rough morning around here...Jonathan was up to his usual complaining about Matthew getting into his "stuff", and spent half the morning asking me to "take Matthew away!" And Matthew, of course, continued to obliviously plow through toys, not caring, nor probably knowing who's were who's, or what suffering he was inflicting. So I should've known that when it got really quiet in the living room that something bad was afoot. But for some reason, I ignored it for a few minutes while I wiped down some shelves in the refrigerator (how does HAIR get in the fridge?), and I even ignored it when all the sudden, I heard maniacal laughter from Jonathan. Eventually, though, I threw my rag aside and wandered around the corner, and look what greeted me. I'm guessing Matthew upset the crayon bucket, which also contained little stampers, and I could almost blame him for ALL the mess, including the mess on him, but then I noticed the stamp on the back of his shoulder, and the one up by his eye, and got to thinking...hmmmm....was someone decorating their brother? So I asked Jonathan "did you stamp your brother?" And Jonathan says "Yes, Mommy." What could I do, but take a picture for all posterity, and go clean Matthew up. By the way, it didn't come off too readily. He was still blue all through lunch, but I think we got it all in the tub this evening! Moral: when the kids get quiet, go see what they're up to.....IMMEDIATELY!

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fishface said...

Those dastardly big brothers. I went to investigate a quiet moment once too...and found that my husband had colored mustaches and beards on my childrens faces. Thankfully it was washable marker.