Monday, August 27, 2007

Catching Up

Wow - time goes by fast. All the sudden I realize I haven't blogged for over a week - sorry about that! We were out of town for 8 days - no excuse since I had computer access - I just didn't really have all that much time! Mark had a training class, which is conveniently near my mom and dad's house, so we stayed with them for the week. Mark and I were finally able to get out and do some fun stuff on our own while Grandma and Poppy watched the boys. On Tuesday night, we went to the Baltimore Orioles/Texas Rangers game in Baltimore. It was great - we got excellent seats - 11 rows in back of home plate - from the scalp-free zone - an area set up so people with extra tickets can sell them for face value or below. We got the tickets two hours before the game and saved a bundle of money on some pretty expensive tickets! It was a great game - the Orioles won, and we had a nice night out. Then on Wednesday, we went out to dinner and to see the movie The Bourne Ultimatum. Now I have to admit - The Bourne Identity confused me a bit - hard to get a grasp on what was happening until the latter half of the movie. And the Bourne Supremacy was totally confusing - I was lost for well over half the movie. So I wasn't too thrilled about seeing this one, but off we went. And seriously? This was the best of the three. You could've watched it without seeing the first two - and it was a great flick! Highly recommended. On Friday night, we all went out to Outback Steakhouse to sort of celebrate my sister's birthday - her birthday isn't until this week, but since we were there, we celebrated a bit early. Then we came home for cake and ice cream. Mark and I and the kids left the next day to come back home. It was almost 100 degrees and deathly humid - not the best travel day. So we're home --- for now. Starting to think about closing our pool for the winter - probably this coming weekend, unless the weather forecast stops us - if it's going to be really hot, we'll leave it open another week. Are you gone, Summer?

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