Saturday, August 18, 2007

Song Lyrics

Did you ever have a song running through your head...relentlessly? Enough that you can't sleep (although I think some late-night caffeine may have contributed here a little, too....)? Anyway, I couldn't get this song out of my head tonight, and it was killing me. I could only "hear" small portions of the lyrics, I couldn't for the life of me identify the vocalist, and to make matters that much worse, I have no idea where I had heard it! Quite the predicament. But an hour online, and with the help of a few search engines and the few snatches of understandable lyrics I could remember, I finally stumbled upon Robert Plant's song called "Big Log". If you want a listen, here it is.... And bonus points for whoever can tell me where in the world I've heard it lately - must be on some tv commercial or something.


fishface said...

Wow..was that a blast from the past for me. I used to listen to this album back when it came out. My "troubled teen" years...oh, to be back there again :)

I have no idea where you may have heard it lately... sorry.

RobertPlantFan said...

It's definitly not on a commercial (unless maybe on one of those rock compilation album things in the middle of the night) but if you've been in a store or restaurant that plays classic rock, top 40 or oldies it's probably been there. Big Log, along with another Plant classic, 29 Palms, is still in high rotation today. I've heard both of them more than once in our grocery store!