Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Big Game

Super Bowl Sunday - brings to mind ice cold beer, nachos, big-screen tvs.....funny commercials. And it's far enough away from the regular season football for us to get over the fact that neither the Redskins nor the Ravens made it in this we'll have no trouble sitting down and watching this evening. Who are we voting for? Who knows? I guess in a way, it'd be nice to see New England take it all - after all, I guess they deserve it in a way. But another part of me wants to see them go down! But at this point, we're just hoping for a good game - blowouts are no fun!
So what's on the menu? Nachos, of course. I use ground turkey and taco seasoning for the base, then add a can of black beans on top of tortilla chips. Toss a huge mess of shredded Mexican cheese, then bake the whole thing for about 25 minutes. Serve with salsa and sour cream with a couple of cold beers on the side...yummm. And if we can somehow get the kids in bed before we start to indulge, it would be just like old times! We'll have to see about that!
Off to the market for nacho ingredients! See you at kickoff!

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