Friday, February 22, 2008

What A Night....

I'll spare you the pictures - not that I actually took any - but if I did, you wouldn't have wanted to see them anyway. Jonathan. Up all night. Puking. Twice I had to scrub the carpet with Resolve. Three times I had to change sheets completely, even the mattress cover. Three times I had to change pajamas. His, not mine. My question is NOW WHAT? What does he have NOW? I swear I am so tired of this. Tired of sick kids, cold weather, no sleep, dirty laundry by the PILE today. As if Jonathan's issues weren't enough, the dog threw up on the couch last night. I do have the foresight to actually have slipcovers on my furniture, so that all has to be washed, too. I was wondering what I was going to do if Jonathan threw up in his bed one more time - I was running out of sheets and I was on my last twin-sized mattress cover.
If anyone wants to know where I am today, try the laundry room.

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