Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Wrap-Up

Valentine's Day Rice Krispie Treats - I thought I'd make something for the holiday, but didn't have time for anything too elaborate. Rice Krispie treats are always quick and easy, and I THOUGHT the kids would like them. Why are they that ghastly shade of pink? Let me explain. First I thought I'd cut out the treats with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and then decorate with red icing drizzles. Then I realized I didn't possess a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Which really threw me off, because I thought for sure I did, but maybe it was my mom's I was thinking about. Scrap Idea #1. Then I thought that I would use a heart-shaped pan and just make one big treat. Dumb. Hard to eat and once you cut it up, it was no longer a heart. Scrap Idea #2. Just when I'm thinking that I was overthinking the Valentine's dessert, I saw a year old jar of Valentine's Day sprinkles that I had bought LAST year to put on Jonathan's ice cream as he just adores sprinkles on his ice cream. But for some strange reason, he didn't like the looks of these, so there they sat in the cabinet. I thought - Brilliant. I'll add them to the Rice Krispies and they'll be scattered like confetti throughout the treats. What I didn't count on was that the instant they hit the melted marshmallow, they too....melted. So, ghastly pink it was. And then to top it all off, Jonathan refused to eat them at all - get this - because it would makes his "hands sticky." I didn't even try to argue with this one. Fine. Be that way. In addition, he wouldn't even eat the candy hearts that I scattered on them and on the plate - they were "too hard".

Ahem - maybe next year I'll be able to accomodate his "needs" a little more proficiently? Kid makes me crazy. And Matthew? No problem there - that little guy doesn't mind his hands being sticky!

Oh, and stay tuned for my next blog entry - "Children Damage Furniture in the Strangest Ways". Doesn't that just grab your attention and your curiosity?

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