Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Haircuts and Matchbox

President's Day - just another day? No way. Not when hubby works for the government. President's Day becomes part of a glorious 3 day weekend - couldn't have come at a better time. I was starting to drag, starting to get the blues, nursing a really, really bad case of cabin fever. But this weekend, we got OUT. We did stuff. Saturday, we went to Johnstown, PA for a little shopping, and a trip to the Johnstown Brewing Company - a family owned and run brew pub. Mark and I have sampled brew pubs all over the country - we can't resist a good homemade beer. True, this little adventure also landed us in the Johnstown Emergency Room for an hour or so, a little "mishap" in Home Depot, but let's just say all is fine now and we won't be doing THAT again!
On Sunday after church, we headed up to the Penn Alps for brunch. Penn Alps is tradition around here - yummy, yummy, home cooked meals - the likes of the best fried chicken you have ever tasted, real mashed potatoes and gravy and pot roast to die for. Homemade soups, rolls, desserts - you could eat a week's worth of food in one sitting. And it's a nice drive in the mountains. And the kids behaved pretty well....REALLY!
And yesterday? Errands. Haircuts for Mark and Matthew. Then lunch - pizza at Jerry's Subs and Pizza. Then to Walmart. And here's where Matchbox comes in. The boys got some Valentine's from Mark's mom and dad, with a little spending cash, so I told Jonathan to pick something out for himself and for Matthew. Well, 10 new Matchbox cars have entered my house - Jonathan got the European sports car series, and Matthew got the National Parks Rescue pack - four of which are on the table in front of him in the photo. I think that brings the grand total of toy cars in my house to 1,639,242. Plus or minus a few.
And it's cold again. After some warm(er) weather this weekend, we're back to blustery, cold and snowy. For the whole week. I'm bummed, but I can deal. I have very high expectations for March - even though it can be notoriously crappy weather-wise, too. Hurry up Spring, I'm dying here!

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