Sunday, February 10, 2008

But Why?

To quote Jonathan, the phrase of the day is: "But Why?"

Okay, no buts, just questions. Here's a few:

WHY are there so many germs floating around in the winter? I barely get one kid/husband/myself well from one germ-induced thing, and another pops up. I swear it has been this way since we got back from San Diego after Thanksgiving.

WHY is the wind blowing so darn hard today? We had just settled in for a long movie - The Maltese Falcon was on cable - 1941! We had absolutely nothing better to do, and about 23 minutes into it, POOF goes the cable. There it was, my one chance of watching a vintage flick this year.

WHY does winter seem so long? All the other seasons seem to just fly right on by. We are trudging through winter at the pace of a paralyzed snail. It's old. C'MON SPRING?

WHY is my oldest child so intolerant of my youngest child today? Usually, he doesn't want him touching or moving his stuff. Today, he doesn't even want him in the same room! What's up with that?

WHY did neither of my children touch the dinner I slaved over last night? While I'm on the topic, WHY don't my children eat hardly anything I put in front of them?

WHY does Matthew poop 3 and 4 times a day, big, messy, stinky poops? Are you allergic to something buddy? Or is it the fact that everything you see, including the dogs' toys get put into your mouth?

WHY am I so unmotivated this weekend? I had Mark home with Strep since Friday, and I could've gotten SO MUCH accomplished. What have I done? Put a few meals on the table, picked up a few rooms, done a few loads of laundry and that's about it. All my projects, all my ideas --- somehow this weekend, they all went kaput. Got nothing done. Am majorly unhappy with myself over that.

WHY don't people put their carts in the cart corral? I do this all the time. With two kids, in 40 mph gale force winds and driving rain, and even when I'm in a breakneck rush, I STILL put my cart back. The other day I came out of Walmart to see a stray cart had caused a nice-sized dent and chipped paint on my car. Great. That'll cost us $300. Do the world a favor - PUT YOUR CART BACK!

WHY, and since when does blogging turn into a royal vent session? Oh well - 100+ posts so I guess I'm entitled to a vent post every once in awhile. If you're reading this Monday morning, I wish you a great week! I'll feel better next week, promise!

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