Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stop It, Blanket!

The newest thing in our household? Jonathan has now taken up the habit of fussing at inanimate objects in the hopes, I suppose, that they will actually listen to him and do as he says. For example, this morning, as he was eating his breakfast at the table, his slippers fell off his feet. All the sudden, I hear him saying "Slippers, get back on my feet!" Nice try Jonathan. If that actually worked, can you imagine what Moms all over the world would be saying? "Bed, make thyself!" It's a nice thought, though! The crowning glory was the other day - we awoke to Jonathan, in his bedroom, screaming. At his blanket. Because it was falling off his bed. Oh, to be 3 again!
But in a way, I guess having him fuss at objects is a lot better than him fussing at...people. Yes, we've done that, too. Just the other day we were in Walmart. I was trying to edge my cart around someone else's cart in a pretty tight aisle. It was crowded, the lady didn't see us, and at the last minute, she moved her car and banged right into ours. She apologized, I said excuse me, all was fine, until Jonathan pointed his finger at her and says "Don't do that again with your cart!" Nice, Jonathan, real nice. Then there was the guy in the elevator at the hotel when we were in San Diego. The nerve of him to press the button for the 10th floor when we were only going to the 5th floor. Jonathan let him have it too - "Don't you press 10, you press 5!" All with the appropriate finger pointing and body stance and elevated voice. Luckily, the guy thought he was a hoot, but Mark and I were torn between being horrified and collapsing into hysterics. Luckily, propriety won out and we corrected Jonathan a bit, but I'm still not sure he has all of his manners straightened out. Day by day, right?

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